Happy Valentine’s Day from Jesus

I sing a song when your name comes to mind
not just on this day but all of the time (Zeph 3:17)

Roses, chocolates, and cards are nice
but to show you My love, I gave up My life

Red is a wonderful reminder
of My blood I shed for you
to set you free from sin
so I could have a relationship with you

When this world bruises you with its coldness and lack of care
Remember My gentleness keeps track of your many hairs

When those you love do not carry through
Remember My faithfulness to you

When your heart is raging with many cares
Remember I give you My peace with which nothing can compare

When your day is filled with tears and gloom
Remember the joy you have because of the empty tomb

And most of all remember that you are loved
with a never-ending love
so with joy give it to those around you
My love that will never wilt or fade away
and that is yours each and every day

Originally written for Valentine’s Day 2001

Photo on Flickr by JaYmE del Rosario

Nothing [Poem]

Sometimes the things and people we treasure in life
seem like mighty mountains
strong and secure
We love how they’re in our life
and often forget to look twice
and see that they’re really just sand castles by the sea

Often, without warning
the waves roll in
and in that moment
they are swept away
and we are separated in less than a day

Sometimes the waves sweep it all away complete:
the body of the one you love is buried in a grave
an accident leaves your body forever changed
or with a few words the one you love leaves your life
and you are separated
left with your empty heart filled with strife

Our mind is at a loss, but as we stare
Jesus quietly brushes the strands of hair
from out of our face and gently says,
“My child you have been separated from so much.
I AM close to your broken heart and
I will save your spirit that is crushed.

Just remember one thing, let it ring
through your hollowed, aching heart
These things seem to bring nothing but despair
but I know what I’m doing here
These people and things do not stay. . .

But the cross and the empty grave
are the reasons you can face another day because
Nothing can separate you from My love
And what I speak is true; it is My promise to you
And I will see you through
until I bring you home to My place
where your sorrow and sighing will flee away
and joy and gladness will overtake.”

Originally published in my poem book, His Comfort, on May 2001

Based on Romans 8:38-39, Psalm 34:18, Isaiah 51:11

Photo on Flickr by amerune

Redeemed (When Father Speaks series)

Broken pottery . . . it seems like such a waste of a beautiful thing.

Generally, we don’t like broken things.  Our first questions when faced with them are usually along the lines of:

  • Can it be fixed?
  • Is it too late?
  • Can it be replaced?
  • Is there any way to redeem this waste of _____________? (fill in the blank:  a good thing, a good person, a situation).

Sometimes when Father is communicating concepts to me that my heart is struggling to understand, He speaks in the form of poetry.

Below is a poem Father told to me in May of 1999 when I was 24 years old.  The illustration has stayed with me ever since.  In it, Father calls me “Loved by Me” — and when you think of it, that is who we are as His dearly beloved children . . . loved by Him! (Dt 33:12, Zeph 3:17)

Loved by Me, you will never be able to hold the pieces together so quit trying, let them fall

For since you were young, you’ve picked up pieces in your hands — pieces you and others have dropped

And you tried to glue back together what had been lost whether it was peace in the family, someone’s lost joy, or a broken relationship or toy

As long as you could keep them all in your hand, you were sure somehow you could put them back together so they would stand

But one day you let the pieces fall — all of them

And you sobbed with the load of it all and I whispered your name, “Now Martha, you have chosen right.” (Luke 10:38-42)

For you are not and will never be the boss of your life nor of anyone else’s, you see

So put all the pieces on My shelf

Empty your pockets

Take your backpack off too

Then shake out your shoes

Find the freedom in knowing you can give every broken piece to the King who is the only One who can fix everything

So stop stealing and hoarding broken pieces

Let them drop to the floor and you will find what I let them drop for and how I intend to pick them up

Loved by Me, I AM enough

Come sit on My lap and take a nap and you will see that I have been taking care of this stuff for an eternity

Pray but let the pieces on the floor stay because

only I can make beautiful mosaics out of pieces of broken clay

What broken pieces is Father asking you to let go of?

“I love redeeming!” – Father

Photos on Flickr by romanlilyand freshelectrons

When Father Speaks Series

A Death, a New Kid, and $3.50

Angela3rdGradePoem I’ve been blessed to teach a class of 3rd grade students this year at a wonderful private school. They are as much my teachers as they are my students. They have been part of my strength.

These three short stories show how special they are, and how special our school is to all who are connected to the school family.

I was honored to be able to read it during a recent school benefit.

A Death, a New Kid, and $3.50

Rebecca arrived in the classroom tearful yet resolved to share
how a dear family friend had lost her father
in the cancer fight that previous night
(Her own father has been battling cancer for several months)

That morning’s Bible lesson was a fictional story of a young boy whose Grandpa had died
As I read the story, I saw the student’s tears and heard her cries as she confessed,
“I don’t want my dad to die like Mrs. B’s dad died.”
After prompting them to do so, my class of eight and nine-year-olds
almost instinctively surrounded their classmate,
placing their hands on her, ready to comfort and intercede for her
And yet their prayers weren’t all for the her dad’s healing but for the will of God
and for God to give her strength no matter what He chose to do

That very same day, after experiencing the joys and thrills of Snack Shack
David burst into the class with angry tears at the realization
that his $3.50 of food and drink had been a waste
He left early that day and in his absence I explained his angry tears to my class

One student immediately pulled a remaining quarter from his bag of Snack Shack change
and quietly said, “I want David to have this.”
And like a train of willing hearts, student after student
took some change from their own bag
In the end, they had collected $7.00 of change to give to David,
their teammate, friend, and brother-in-Christ

A week later, we had a prospective student shadow in our class
Jeremy arrived that morning almost feeling sick with the unknowns of the situation
and yet after his visit, his mom emailed that he hadn’t wanted to leave
Before he left that day, I asked my class to pray for Jeremy
as he finished the year at his public school
The next day Jeremy’s mom dropped off a one-page letter
that Jeremy had voluntarily written thanking us for his experience visiting our class

Although some may wonder why parents invest a large financial sum
into sending their child to our school
After teaching 3rd Grade for one year
I know why . . .

A moment of uncertainty in the face of death
handled with honesty, comfort, and deep wisdom

A moment for grasping one’s small sum of financial riches
Became a moment for compassion and great generosity

And a new kid who felt sick at his arrival to visit our school
Was a moment for surrounding him with our love, acceptance, and friendship

I saw it in a death, a new kid, and $3.50

The blessings of embracing vibrant faith at an early age
is worth every penny invested in a student’s education at our school

(Names have been changed)

(Originally posted on SansoneSPOT)

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