10 years ago today, Father told me to resign from what I still see as my dream job.

Right out of college, I had the privilege of being a missionary teacher with World Impact in Newark, New Jersey.  Our school was housed in the above pictured building.

I loved teaching and ministering in the inner city!  Yet, six months into being there I developed health problems which eventually necessitated my resignation two and a half years later.

Dr. Larry Crabb wrote the book Shattered Dreams: God’s Unexpected Path to Joy.  Leaving World Impact Newark was indeed my shattered dream.  My heart still feels a pang of sadness around this time of year – even with many, many blessings of joy and amazing adventures during those ten years.

A quote I have clung to and reviewed countless times that has given me the strength to keep living with fullness is:

“Each loss is truest gain if, day by day, He fills the place of all He takes away.” Ruth Myers

This morning Father woke me up with a celebratory tone reminded me, “Today is the 10th anniversary of when I told you to resign from World Impact Newark.”

I replied, “I don’t think it’s special in the way of celebration.”

Father went on to explain:

“It was special not because of what you lost, but because of what you gained.”

This final scene of Prince Caspian poignantly portrays losses & gains.

[tentblogger-youtube wFMEa-2nXUg]

In November 2008, I reflected in a letter to the World Impact Newark staff:

Not returning to Newark is probably a loss I will feel to some extent for the rest of my life.   It is a mystery of my life that I won’t understand until heaven.

That can be said of most losses we have in life.  Yet may we always remember this comforting and challenging truth:

And do not be unwilling to give your life to fulfill His purposes and plans in the world, plans that began long before you were born, purposes that will be worked out long after you’re gone.

– Clement of Alexandria, 150-215, quoted in Discipleship Journal September/October 1996 issue

When Father Speaks Series

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