Welcome to 1019 Ministries, a prayer ministry working with pastors, churches, and ministries to further the practice of prayer for the purpose of glorifying God, for the sake of Christ, as led by the Holy Spirit.

While the focus of prayer and the practices of prayer centers upon the local bodies and leadership, we also have a responsibility to reach those in the far reaches of the globe using various media and platforms as tools for outreach.

Most often, we work on-site with leadership to exact and extract the pitfalls and problem areas that are tangibly present, but also to enter a season of prayer to see what God has to say on the matter.

We hope to be a blessing to many as God uses 1019 Ministries to intersect and intercede with your work.

Below, you will find more information on what, who, and how 1019Ministries might engage with your work to further it for God’s glory.

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While we work on-site in many cases, there are situations where it works best be face-to-face without being physically present using various technologies such as Skype or Google Hangouts.

Among the considerations are costs. There are three models of monetary transactions we practice most often:

  • A pre-determined amount (varies based on needs, length of time, materials, etc)
  • A gift offering at close of session
  • Accommodations including travel, room, board

We are also blessed with prayer support partners being led to give towards our ministry. At the end of each month, we include a financial statement on how monies are being used and any special needs/requests coming up in the future.

Intercessory Prayer for the Brides of Christ

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With many thanks for your prayers and fellowship,
Angela and Mike Sansone