As a prophetic intercessor, I often get a front row seat to Father’s work His kids lives.  My role is to come alongside to intercede (Job 16:20-21, Heb 7:25) and speak Father’s words of strengthening, encouragement, and comfort (1 Cor 14:3) to them during the:

  • faith process He is bringing them through
  • faith adventure He is walking them through
  • faith endeavor He is inviting them to embark on with Him on

All of the above can be scary endeavors; known by many of our biblical forefathers.  Father’s recurring phrase through each one is:

“I love to increase My kids’ faith!” — Father

It’s much like a free fall . . . with Father.  He never asks us to venture out alone.  His constant reminder to us is, “We’re in this together.  We always do everything together.” — Father

Father loves to increase our faith, and yet we often resist with our:

  • Questions of “why?”
  • Fears of “what if?”
  • Uncertainties of “how?”
  • Desire to stay standing on the ground of our comfort zone instead of free-falling in obedience and faith with Father

And so we stay grounded; we miss out; we “play it safe.”

Vivid and heartwrenching are the memories I have of Father’s children I’ve interceded for who’ve never chosen to jump out of the plane of obedience and faith:

  • Father’s hand is outstretched to join them in the free fall
  • Their parachute of prayerful preparation is strapped to their backs
  • They’re suited up in His promises and reassurance that He will not let them be disgraced or put to shame (Is 50:7)

And yet they stay in the plane, all suited up.  The plane lands and Father takes their hand and compassionately says, “Next time, My child, next time.”

Sadly, that next time of a second chance to obey often comes and goes. For it’s always easier to not jump the second time with the remembrances of all the logical calculation that went into not jumping the first time.

How many of us are safely staying grounded, plodding around in our own “safe” deserts of timidity and unbelief . . . while Father is suited up, eagerly waiting, beckoning and calling for us to take a free fall of faith with Him into the faith endeavor He has for us?

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When Father Speaks Series

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