We know and follow a God who is:







We also follow a Father who lovingly allows us to choose whether we will obey or disobey and to decide whether we’re going to listen to His voice or not.

One of the hardest realities I’ve witnessed in my prophetic intercession ministry is decision time.

“I do come to the end of My words; then their choice must be made.” – Father

s (1 Thess 5:19-21, Prov 11:14, 15:22; 1 Cor 14:29-33).  For more on this see my series – 5 Pitfalls While Waiting on His Promises.

Then just like a train comes to the end-of-the-line; so too does there come a decision time.

When it’s decision time, remember these 5 keys:

  1. Review Father’s words and promptings to you as a compilation.  He is faithful to tell and confirm things to us through various means and ways with ample sign posts along the way.
  2. Be careful of making it more complex than it really is. He is our Father who doesn’t give us a stone when we ask for fish or a rock when we ask for bread (Mt 7:9-11).  Just as you can tell those objects apart; with the Spirit’s help you can also can tell Father’s voice apart from the enemy’s or your own voice.
  3. Expect clear direction (Is 48:17, Is 30:21), but don’t confuse it with waiting for a crystal ball that shows you what’s up ahead and writing in the sky that spells out what your decision should be.
  4. Don’t stubbornly or pridefully rule out the obvious – if a mature believer is cautioning you or encouraging you to reconsider the decision path you’re headed down; take heed and listen.  Then test, pray, and decide. (For more on this read about Balaam and his donkey in Num 22:21-34)
  5. Boldly obey and step out in faith – our God is a loving shepherd.  If we unknowingly stray off the path He has for us, He will be faithful to guide us back.  He will not trick you (Num 23:19).

Arriving at our decision point, can be a victorious event of celebration or a bitter memory of disobedience and lost opportunity (see Steven Furtick’s “A 13:13 Moment”).

Which one will it be?

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When Father Speaks Series

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