I just read Jim Cymbala’s and Jennifer Schuchmann’s new book, Spirit Rising. It brought many great questions to mind:

  • Have you ever felt something was missing from your walk with Jesus?
  • Have you ever sensed in your gut that there was more?
  • Have you ever been saddened by your complacency and disturbed by your apathy, but still felt powerless to make the necessary changes you’ve tried 1,000 times to make on your own?
  • Do you feel that you’re always missing the mark?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, I encourage you to read Spirit Rising by Jim Spirit Rising Jim CymbalaCymbala available via Kindle, Audible, or hardcover.

I have walked with Jesus for 33 years, served in ministry, and taken a theology class. In all those years, I have never heard the clear, concise teaching on the Holy Spirit and His role in our lives that I read about in Spirit Rising.

The personal testimonies that Jim, pastor at Brooklyn Tabernacle since 1971, intersperses throughout the book are miraculous and encouraging testimonies of what the Holy Spirit is able, willing, and overjoyed to do when we are yielded to His leadership in our lives.

One of the most visited pages on my site surround dealing with personal spiritual battles. In many cases, half the battle is we aren’t living in the power of the Spirit.

Father has given us the Holy Spirit as:

  • Author of the Bible — Acts 4:25, Acts 28:25, 2 Peter 1:21
  • His Gift to us — Luke 11:13, Acts 2:38
  • Helper — Romans 8:26, Philippians 1:9, 2 Timothy 1:14
  • Teacher — Mark 13:11, Luke 12:12, Acts 14:26, Hebrews 10:14-16
  • Convictor — John 16:7-9
  • Guide — Acts 13:2-4, Acts 16:6, Acts 20:23, Acts 21:11
  • Spiritual Gift Giver — Hebrews 2:4
  • Power Source — Acts 1:8, Acts 10:38, Acts 11:24, Romans 15:13, 1 Thessalonians 1:5
  • Leader — Luke 4:1, Acts 20:28, 1 Corinthians 6:19
  • Joy Giver — Luke 10:21, Acts 13:52, Romans 14:17
  • Love Infuser — Romans 5:5
  • Counselor — John 14:26, John 16:7-9
  • Enabler — Acts 2:4, Acts 4:31
  • Someone who we can resist, grieve, & treat with contempt — Isaiah 63:10, Acts 7:51, Ephesians 4:30, Hebrews 3:7-8, 1 Thessalonians 5:19-21
  • Encourager — Acts 9:31
  • Prophecy Giver — Acts 19:6

Do you have consistent personal experience with knowing the Holy Spirit by these traits in your life?

If not, I highly encourage you to read Spirit Rising. It will invigorate your faith, embolden your witness, strengthen your spirit, and renew your faith in our God who still moves mountains.

Hear Jim’s interview on the 700 Club on Spirit Rising.

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