Angela’s First Book: A Signal and a Signing [Guest Post]

When she first asked me to write the introduction to her book, I thought it odd. While I have a great deal of respect and love for both the author and the subject matter, there are many who have known Angela longer and seen her service to God in many areas for many years. Wouldn’t they be better candidates?

If I’ve learned anything at all about how Angela lives and gives of her life, one thing stands out: her surrender to the voice of God.

I’ve met with, worked alongside with, and even battled with some consecrated Christians in my life – though I cannot imagine any as Christ-like 24/7 as Angela. Her cup is constantly overflowing with contagious joy!

As we began forging our work and lives together, I recognized the call on Angela’s life – and her commission to write Precious Stones – has been one of consistency and compassion. Not to impress or celebrate herself. She has an audience of One.

As she prepares for her first book signing at Wellspring Christian Resources in the Des Moines area this Saturday (July 7th), we prepare a place in prayer for this book to find its way into the hearts and hands of prayer warriors, church groups, and mission fields across the globe.

I’m grateful to God for such a extravagantly loving friend, partner, and wife. My name is Mike Sansone.


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Series Reflection: 5 Pitfalls

5 Pitfalls of Waiting on GodA Series Reflection is a way to revisit and reflect on a previous series with all the posts listed in a single place. This reflection is on the series: 5 Pitfalls While Waiting on His Promises

Father’s children give up far too easily and way too early.  We are called to walk by faith not by sight.  We are called to wait with confidence not doubt.

  1. 5 Pitfalls While Waiting on His Promises
  2. Doubting His Trustworthiness (5 Pitfalls Series)
  3. Dilly-Dallying in Faith (5 Pitfalls Series)
  4. Discord: Voices of Confusion (5 Pitfalls Series)
  5. Dangers of What is Seen (5 Pitfalls Series)
  6. Difficulty in Verifying (5 Pitfalls Series)

What pitfalls do you need to watch for in your own walk of faith today?

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