Only His Love Gives Life to Ours [Poem]

togetherA seed does not grow
unless the Lord says so

A babe isn’t born
unless the Father makes it so

And the sun doesn’t shine
unless the Creator says it’s time

so it is with love 

For human love lasts
only as long as our fickle hearts
stay warm and hear a song
so love often breaks the ties
we make without Him

For the Promise-Keeper and Lover True
can bind two hearts through the storm, through the wind
through the desert, and back again
to the waterfall of His perfect love

enduring loveSo love not with your eyes
or your unsteady heart
for they won’t get you far

Until the Promise-Keeper is your Heart-Taker
and the Lover of your Soul has control
of all your dreams
all your hopes
and all of your love


Only He can bind two hearts together that only death can part
cause Love True can keep the two close Him and close at heart

A ring’s never-ending circle
is only a symbol of His love
that enables us to say,
“I won’t leave you, babe
because it’s not just our love
but a cord of three strands that enables us to stand”

He will enable us to hold His hand
as we walk together hand-in-hand

Poem originally written August 18th, 1999

photo credit: mohammadali via photo pin cc

photo credit: TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³ via photo pin cc

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