5 Pitfalls While Waiting on His Promises

Father’s children give up far too easily and way too early.  We are called to walk by faith not by sight.  We are called to wait with confidence not doubt.

Abraham (formerly Abram) is heralded as a man of great faith.  Father promised him a son . . . 25 years passed between the pronouncement of the reality of that promise in the spiritual realm (Gen 15:5) and that promise playing out in the physical realm (Gen 21:2).

Father told Abraham (Gen 12:1) to go to another land that He would show him.  Father did not detail where it was, what the living conditions were, or how long he and his family would reside there.  He simply commanded His dearly Beloved son to go and then as Abraham obeyed, Father revealed the next step of his journey of faith.

We live in a world of quick information.  A trademark phrase we hear and say when there is an unknown is:  “Let’s Google it.”

We’re so used to being able to do a web search for almost every unknown in our life, so much to the point that we want our walk of faith to operate the same way.

Even when Jesus walked on this earth, embodying the very answers to any unknowns the people who surrounded Him had, He still demanded that they walk by faith.  Mt 13:58 tells us of the result of people’s thirst for Him to spell out the unknowns before they were willing to proceed in belief:

And he did not do many miracles there because of their lack of faith.

People missed out on miracles, His gifts, because their thirst “to play it safe” and to know the unknowns overrode their willingness to believe and walk  by faith.

In this series, we’ll look at 5 pitfalls we can all fall into while waiting on His promises:

  1. Doubting His Trustworthiness
  2. Dilly-Dallying in Faith
  3. Discord:  Voices of Confusion
  4. Dangers of Relying on What is Seen
  5. Difficulty in Verifying

Join me as we explore these further.

What pitfalls do you need to watch for in your own walk of faith today?

Photo on flickr by CmdrFire

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