There are several ways to work with or engage with 1019 Ministries in furthering the work God has designed for you to enter or lead:

Church Partnering
If your body or ministry is being faced with an abnormal amount of spiritual warfare and attack, it is possible that the Enemy has established a stronghold or a series of strongholds that can be dealt through a short intensive season of prayer.

Pastorate Partnering
Regularly experiencing spiritual battles that are ongoing and debilitating to the point that your ministry, marriage, and other relationships are being adversely affected may be an indication that you’re dealing with spiritual oppression. This long-term spiritual oppression can be effectively dealt with through a short intensive season of prayer.

Platform Programming
Going to the highways and byways is easier now than ever before. Still, if done without a strategy, a church, leader, or team can get buried with poor execution and improper tactics.  We assist in developing a plan of action and repurposing the messages God gives you into multimedia formats.

1019 Partners
We are privileged by a support team who partner with us through prayer, financial gifts, counsel, and encouragement. We are strengthened to continue on in the ministry Father has entrusted to us as we co-labor alongside our 1019 Partners.